Beacon NY Chapter 7 Lawyers

Are you being evicted from your Beacon apartment, or is the bank foreclosing on your home? Are creditors threatening to repossess your vehicle?  Are you overwhelmed with medical bills and past due payment notices?  Don’t let threats from creditors or false media rumors dissuade you from legally obtaining a fresh financial start through bankruptcy.

The current state of our economy has many people in Beacon facing difficulties with credit card and other accumulated debt. With nowhere else to turn, people who never imagined that they would have to consider bankruptcy are now taking a serious look at Chapter 7 bankruptcy and searching for the best Beacon bankruptcy lawyer. Dantzman & Dantzman is here to help.


Quick Debt Relief Options

For many clients in Beacon, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the quick and more affordable form of bankruptcy. That’s because Chapter 7 is the quick debt relief option for discharging credit card and other debts, vs. chapter 13.  In most chapter 7 cases you are able to keep personal property, such as your car, household items, jewelry and other treasured valuables.

Once the bankruptcy process begins you could be debt free in as little as three months, but in the majority of cases the process takes about four to five months.  Once your debts are officially discharged by the court, you will come out of Chapter 7 completely debt free.


Experienced Beacon Chapter 7 Lawyers

At the Law offices of Dantzman & Dantzman our Beacon, New York Chapter 7 lawyers can help you to get the relief you need.  Our firm has worked with clients throughout Beacon, helping them eliminate debts through the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process.  Whether you are struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments, or if you have been laid off or lost your job, Dantzman & Dantzman has the experience you need and we provide honest answers and guide you through the bankruptcy process with affordable ease.


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It is important to speak with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer so you can make an informed decision about your financial future. To get a free quote and schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation, please call (845) 454-1400, or contact us online and we will call you when it’s convenient for you.

The law office of Dantzman & Dantzman is a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.